Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Wrong Kind of Muslim

There's a piece of land in Eastern Pakistan that has long since been washed of a plane crash that killed a  dictator in 1988. 

However, the dictator's legacy has not been washed away and continues to hold a vice-like grip on Pakistan's throat.  This legacy, as Qasim Rashid describes in his first book, The Wrong Kind of Muslim, oppresses every Pakistani by not allowing for freedom of conscience and creates a breeding ground for terrorists.  The victims of a lack of freedom of conscience range from all backgrounds, regardless of faith or no faith. The victims of the terrorists range from domestic to foreign. And yet, the country still has adherents to many faiths who live and die for their religion.

Qasim tells these peoples' stories.  He meets with Ahmadi Muslims, a community of Muslims who are constitutionally declared non-Muslim in Pakistan and face wanton persecution.   As per the oppressors, Ahmadi Muslims are "the wrong kind of Muslim." The nation's anti-blasphemy laws ensure that Ahmadi Muslims, as well as Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, and other minority groups receive unequal treatment. Through engaging conversations with several Pakistanis, Qasim outlines practically everything the reader needs to know about the current state of Pakistan, regardless of what they may or may not know about the nation's politics. The characters in the book, all real people, are scattered throughout time and space, but united by a common idea to worship as they please. @salawm

The Wrong Kind of Muslim is now available to purchase or download from Amazon.

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