Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Richard Dawkins attacks Muslims on Twitter

Also in this week's news round up, a woman is ordained by Catholic dissidents and a diocese demands 'gay friendly' bishop.

Richard Dawkins (left) with Mehdi Hasan
by A. Tayyaba

Richard Dawkins attacks Mehdi Hasan's Islamic beliefs on Twitter
Richard Dawkins has attacked journalist Mahdi Hasan for believing in religious miracles. Dawkins recent Twitter post, 'Mehdi Hasan admits to believing Muhammad flew to heaven on a winged horse. And New Statesman sees fit to print him as a serious journalist' offended many - including atheists - although Dawkins later denied suggesting all Muslims should be banned from being journalists.

The tradition stating Islam's prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven on a horse is believed to be literally true by some Muslim scholars and to be a symbolic spiritual ascension by others. The original argument between atheist leader Dawkins and Mehdi Hasan appears to stem from a debate they had on Al Jazeera TV:

Dawkins' alleged anti-Muslim sentiments appear to have some support. Abraham Foxman, National Director of the ADL since 1987, has spoken in favour of tracking American Muslims to prevent terrorism: "I don’t think that's Muslim-baiting. It's a natural response". Mr Foxman is a world leader in the fight against anti-semitism, bigotry, discrimination and the author of several books on these issues. He regularly speaks against hatred and violence, wherever they occur. The ADL itself was founded in 1913 'to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all'. Its' tag line is: "Imagine a world without hate".

Woman ordained as priest in Kentucky against Roman Catholic ban
A woman in Louseville, Kentucky was been ordained as a priest by dissident Roman Catholics on Saturday. A former Carmelite nun with a degree in theology, Rosemarie Smead, 70, says she is not worried about being excommunicated: "It is a medieval bullying stick the bishops used to keep control over people and to keep the voices of women silent. I am way beyond letting octogenarian men tell us how to live our lives." Over 150 women from all over the world participated in the ceremony which is considered a serious offence in Catholic law.

Church of England diocese asks for ‘gay friendly’ bishop
A panel responsible for appointing a new bishop in the diocese of Manchester has asked for someone who will build bridges with the gay Anglican community and non-worshippers. The move from a large diocese comes months after the church dropped restrictions on clergy in civil partnerships becoming bishops and will be welcomed by liberals but loathed by traditionalists.

Israeli army bases to have mezuzahs affixed
The Rabbinate of the Israeli Defence Forces have ruled that having non-Jews present in the army should not prevent the affixing of mezuzahs at bases. Mezuzahs are pieces of parchment with specific verses from the Torah inscribed with indelible ink on them. The verses begin with the phrase: "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God the Lord is one". Traditionally, a mezuzah is affixed to every door frame in Jewish homes except the bathrooms and small closets. @TayyabaNoor02
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