Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Al Qaeda terrorist killed in Mali

Also in this week's news roundup, Shias continute to be targetted in Pakistan attacks and the search for a new Pope begins.

Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who claimed responsibility for the Algerian hostage crisis, has been killed in Mali

Al Qaeda Commander Mokhtar Belmokhtar killed in Mali
Chadian forces in Mali have completely destroyed what was claimed to be a terrorist base, killing several terrorists including Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the terrorist notorious for the Algerian hostage crisis. If the death is confirmed, it will be a major blow to the Islamist uprising in Mali. Also today it has been reported that a third French soldier has been killed in the Mali conflict.

Shia’s Again Targeted in Pakistan 
At least 45 people have been killed in a car bomb blast outside a Mosque, including children and 150 more have been injured in a Shi’ite area of Abbas in Karachi. Several buildings in the area caught fire and people have reportedly been trapped by rubble as weak buildings collapsed due to the force of the blast. The bomb blast is a continuation of sectarian violence against Shias which has already resulted in hundreds dying this year.

Cardinal O Brien Admits Misconduct, as church looks for new Pope
Cardinal Keith O Brien, the highest Catholic Archbishop in Scotland has admitted sexual misconduct against three priests and a former priest, having initially denied the claims and resigning amidst scandal last week. The shock admission comes after an interview with the BBC earlier this year in which he supported the idea of priests being allowed to marry and have children. Meanwhile, Catholic leaders have begun a series of meetings with a view to electing a new Pope.


Syria’s President Delusional or is the UK the Bully?
Syria’s President Bashar al Assad has accused the British government of using "shallow and immature rhetoric" and adopting a stance of bullying and hegemony towards Syria in an interview with the Sunday Times, with William Hague, British Foreign Minister describing the interview as "delusional". The Syrian President claimed that the so called "moderate" groups the UK was aiding in Syria were Al Qaeda linked.

The US turns Drones on itself
Unmanned Aerial Systems, more commonly known as ‘Drones’ are now being used in the United States for crime scene and accident investigations. The GPS enabled new lighter weight technology can take pictures and help reconstruct scenes, bringing crime scenes direct to the jury box, almost literally re – enacting the crime to juries. Critics of the new technology worry about safety and privacy. The US has used drones for surveillance in countries such as Pakistan with over 300 drone ‘strikes’ during the Obama administration. Some have estimated that over 400 deaths have resulted in Pakistan, mostly civilians, due to the strikes since 2004. @TayyabaNoor02


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