Saturday, 5 January 2013

Malala Yusufzai recovers in UK

After the recovery of Malala, will the violence in Pakistan ever end, was Afghanistan once Jewish and did Jesus have a wife? 

Malala Yusufzai

Malala recovers, but Pakistan's condition still critical
Yesterday Malala Yusafzai left the hospital in Birmingham where she had been receiving treatment, after being shot by the Pakistani Taliban for blogging that girls should have a right to an education. She will need further surgery in a few weeks time. Her father has been offered a position in the Pakistan consulate in the UK and reports suggest he will be working there for at least three years.

Back in Malala's native Pakistan, seven teachers and health workers, six of them women, were gunned down by militants suspicious they were spies. The workers were part of a community program vaccinating against polio. Meanwhile there has been a severe measles outbreak in the Sindh province in Pakistan, killing over 300 children.

Evidence of Jewish history discovered in Afghanistan

Ancient Hebrew manuscripts have been discovered in Afghanistan, indicating Jewish communities thrived in the region around 1,000 years ago. They include commentaries on the Bible, personal letters and financial records. 

Wife of Jesus fragment still controversial
Can truth be stranger than fiction? Ten years after Dan Brown published his best-selling novel, The Da VInci Code, in which a conspiracy is uncovered about the secret wife of Jesus, reality has not yet managed to follow fiction. An article about a newly-discovered Coptic papyrus purported to have the words 'my wife' written by Jesus has been delayed, while the ancient fragment undergoes further tests. @newreligionEU

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